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Chairman's Address

As we embark on a new academic year,

Capsitech Institute of Technology stands as a beacon of excellence in imparting industry-oriented technical training to students. Our commitment to providing advanced knowledge, innovative skills, and a strong ethical foundation ensures the development of leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Our students are trained by industry leaders who actively work on several international projects, emphasising experiential learning and the practical implementation of theoretical concepts.

At Capsitech, we provide students with unparalleled opportunities to engage in live projects that enhance their exposure to real-world problem-solving experiences. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and research facilities contribute to today's dynamic market, enhancing the thinking skills, adaptability, and innovative spirit of our students.

Our diverse inclusion of students enriches the fabric of our Institute's community and fosters a culture of mutual respect and understanding. With an outstanding environment that promotes learning and placements, our students get a chance to work with professionals and earn an initial starting package of 12 lacs per annum.

As we commence this exciting journey together, let us uphold the values that define our institute and inspire us to commit ourselves to making a positive impact in the world. Join us at Capsitech Institute of Technology and seize the opportunity to become a leader in the field of technology.

Dave Jangid

Empowering Innovation,
Driving Excellence

Founded in the year 2014, Capsitech IT Services is one of the leading fintech companies in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The company offers a wide range of services through technical tools that are developed to ease the lives of customers and clients. From the world of accounting to the retail industry, the team at Capsitech has marked its presence in several sectors propelling the use of digital alternatives for faster, better, and pocket-friendly solutions.

We invest in the ideas that can mitigate the existing problems in businesses and bridge the gap between demand and supply by creating the technical solutions that befit the requirements of the businesses.

Web Design & Development Company in Jodhpur Rajasthan | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur

Meet our Team

Chairman of CIT | CEO of CIT | Chairman of Capsitech | CEO of Capsitech |Dave Jangid | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur
Dave Jangid

Chief Executive Officer

Mohit Baheti | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur
Mohit Baheti

Chief Operating Officer

Satya Narayan Jangid | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur
Satya Narayan Jangid

Managing Director

Mukesh Jangid | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur
Mukesh Jangid

Chief Technical Officer

Anand Vardhan Soni | Capsitech Institute of Technology | CIT Jodhpur
Anand Vardhan Soni

Associate Director

Web Design & Development Company in Jodhpur Rajasthan | Capsitech

Envisioning the Future

The working methodologies and conceptualization of ideologies at Capsitech IT Services are premised upon the effectual implementation of business strategies and protocols to ensure a leap in the trajectory of progress.

IT Company in Jodhpur Rajasthan | Capsitech

Technical Proficiency

Our team has mastery in comprehending the business challenges and then develop ideal solutions to ameliorate the business process by placing the technical platform as a medium of increasing the productivity of the businesses processes.

The technical team at Capsitech is skilled to develop technical tools and mobile applications by using the latest technologies available. The intent of the technical team is to develop solutions that are smooth, error-free, and easy to operate. The technical team firmly follows the business requirements and develop the most efficacious portals without compromising on any aspect of the overall business.

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Research and Development

Our research and development wing makes attempts to examine the business processes and then identify the existing problems or sections that requires an added technical support for better functioning.

We, at Capsitech, understand the significance of focusing on meticulous details of a business before developing a solution for it and hence, a copious amount of importance is given to the research wing.

In the course of the development of our products, the results and the analysis made during the research phase plays the biggest role in determining the development strategies for the technical team.

Web Design & Development Company in Jodhpur Rajasthan | Capsitech

Standard Management

Management is one of the biggest pillars of success for us and we have a team of experienced management professionals who aspire to reach the pinnacle of success while following the standard business protocols.

The management wing and Capsitech is capable of effectively handling multiple projects and deliver astounding results in the desired time. From creating the prototypes of the web solutions to executing and implementing the strategies in the most effective way, the teams at Capsitech excel in every aspect of the business.

Explore the world of Accounting

Our expertise lies in the field of accounting and creating next-generation online solutions to enhance the scope of the accounting world. We have an adept team of accountants who diligently work hard to serve the clients and assist the technical team in developing a quintessential solution for accountants and businesses.

IT Company in Jodhpur Rajasthan | Capsitech

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to assimilate the business demands and develop the solutions that can potentially ease the flow of business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the efficiency of businesses and equip them with robust technical platforms capable of resolving major business challenges and automating the convoluted processes.