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Coronavirus: Risks vs. Opportunities

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | April 21, 2020
Coronavirus: Risks vs. Opportunities | Capsitech IT Services


Amidst the horrifying pandemic we are all in, it is important for all of us to stand united in the battle against the deadliest foe ever. There are unprecedented impacts of the steps taken during the aftermath of the rapid spreading of coronavirus. Innumerable big and small organizations have suffered significantly due to the lockdown and quarantine and similar, if not same, the impact can also be seen in the IT industry, however, this is the only industry that has managed to sustain primarily because of its ability to be managed and executed remotely.

Impact in the Aftermath

There will be several amendments in which even the large economies and the leaders of the business world would be operating their work and this will indeed impact the workforce, working pattern, and working tools.

IT industry will have a very significant role to play in this paradigm shift largely because it can enable other businesses function without having the need to be physically monitored and managed meticulously. This is also an opportunity for us to make the necessary shifts in our working modules and get the right strategies to experience positive outcomes.


It will be interesting to see the ways in which the economies will try to recover especially after they’ve been subjected to the severe test under this outbreak but it is overwhelming to witness that the world in this time stands united with the only mission to defeat the virus and evolve as a better generation.

Stay tuned for more updates and better insights.

Team Capsitech

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | April 21, 2020
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