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Significance of effective communication

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | May 18, 2020
Significance of effective communication | Capsitech

There is no denying the fact that effective communication is the key to ensure the impactful impression you as an individual can have on others and hence, this is one such skill that everyone should possess. There are several misconceptions about the concept of communication and we should clearly understand them in order to enhance our skills.

Getting involved in a conversation

Usually, it is perceived that having the right communication is denoted by the ability to speak incessantly in order to display the confidence, this is the biggest blunder one can make. We need to understand that an effective communication is about getting involved in the conversation and responding to participate in the discussion and not just blabber.

Here are 8 quick points that we should follow in every conversation we have.

  1. It is imperative to listen to others when they speak and allow them time to finish what they have to suggest. Frequent interjections is not only unprofessional and rude but it also denotes the inability to comprehend.
  2. We should listen to understand and not simply hear for the mere sake of formality, please keep in mind that every communication we establish and every conversation we have teaches us something.
  3. It is of paramount importance to be humble and respectful towards others. Our body language, eye contact, and subtle facial expressions, everything plays a vital role here.
  4. To be able to respond, it is important for us to understand the crux of the discussion and then present our views in a very gentle yet impactful manner. Remember, the choice of words and the tone we use are the weapons we have here, we should not use it roughly as the impact can be damaging for ourselves.
  5. The dogmatic behavior would never work, if you are an eloquent and passionate speaker, others may apparently seem to be agreeing but this is an inaccurate way, we should be open to ideas and open to learning and even if we do not agree, the way we respond back should be reverential.
  6. The language we speak does not really matter as long as we are fully participating in the conversation and have the ability to comprehend what is being said and then respond. Language is just a tool to have an ideal conversation, it is never a conversation in itself.
  7. It is absolutely fine not knowing something and even if we do not, we can still participate in a conversation by listening, taking a deep cognizance of the subject, responding through our body language, and acknowledging the others with a mild smile of agreement.
  8. Even the finest public speakers in the world have similar opinion about the ability to have a good communication, they all somewhere suggest that we should be enthusiastic to converse, inquisitive to learn, ready to listen, able to understand and then eloquent enough to respond. Having good communication skills is all about the amalgamation of the essentials.

The aforementioned points can be followed and practiced, it may take some time but we should understand that miracles don’t happen in a day. All we need to ensure is that we continue learning and practicing and very soon, the difference will be noticeable and every communication we have will be impactful.

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | May 18, 2020
Note: Please note that the content of the above blog and the aforementioned information are solely for the purpose of awareness and are informative in nature. The content is designed with intent to ease the understanding while preserving the essence and importance of the compliance rules and shall not be considered as an ultimate replication of the rules. Capsitech does not own any responsibility whatsoever for any unpleasant event that may arise due to the misinterpretation of a specific part or whole of the information.
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