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5 Quick Tips for a Great Interview

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | May 18, 2020
Quick Tips for a Great Interview | Capsitech

Interviews are one of the most important and unavoidable phases in a professional’s life. There are several crucial elements of the interview processes that an aspirant should take care of in order to create an overwhelming impact on the interviewees. There are several myths and misconceptions about this process as well but for now, let us focus on a few tips for a job aspirant.

Anticipating the potential questions and preparing accordingly

Quick Tips for a Great Interview | Capsitech

It is imperative for the aspirants to prepare for the interview session particularly in terms of getting ready with the potential questions he/she may get to face. One should try to anticipate the potential questions that the interviewer may be interested in and then prepare accordingly.

Honing your skills is really significant to have an overwhelming session of interaction during the interview session.

Identifying your skills and accentuate them during the interaction

Each one of us should have a comprehension of our skills and we should be highlighting the same as we interact with the interviewer. When you speak about your strengths and things that you can do, as well as, things that you want to do for the organization, you will experience a rapid surge in self-confidence thereby allowing the conversation to be impeccable. Your interviewer would also be delighted to witness the clarity, confidence, and willingness in you.

Preliminary research is always helpful

Quick Tips for a Great Interview | Capsitech

The aspirants should make preliminary research about the organization they’re applying in, this helps in essentially figuring out the potential questions you may be asked and it also broadens the window of communication you can have with your interviewer.

Read that job description, again

Quick Tips for a Great Interview | Capsitech

We were always told as kids that during exams, we should read the questions multiple times before answering, well, the thumb rule is still valid and the aspirants should read the job description to comprehensively understand the job requirements and the requisites the candidates may be required to have.

How about questioning your interviewer?

There is a need to understand that interview is a bilateral interaction and the aspirants are free to question the interviewers to the tip, however, is to smart-question them, the following are a few suggestions:

  1. Could you please elucidate a bit about the responsibilities the job entails?
  2. What additional skills according to you would be required to conduct the duties in this role effectively?
  3. What are the major challenges in this profile/ department that the professionals usually face?

The first impression will last long

This statement is used often and rightly so, it is of immense importance for all of us to create an overwhelming first impression and the following tips can help you in ensuring this

  • Prepare your attire a day before and make sure you keep it professional but comfortable.
  • Plan your schedule and ensure you reach the office 10-15 minutes before the interview commences.
  • Keep an updated resume and carry all the relevant documents with yourself and present them when asked for.
  • Being clean and tidy can surely create a great impression on the interviews.

Being optimistic is an asset

The biggest benefit of optimism is that it enhances confidence and allows you to create a great impression on every person you interact with. One should never speak negatively amount their last employer or their life experiences. The ability to deal with challenging situations in your life with an optimistic outlook will always be appreciated in any corporate establishment.

Being thankful is also being unique

you do not easily forget someone who can express the gratitude and is thankful. It is nice to be thankful for your potential employer once the interview is conducted. The simplest act of gratitude can be expressed by sending a thank you note in the form of an email.

Interviews should be considered as opportunities you have to enhance your skills. It is a process you should enjoy and learn from.

Author | Capsitech
Capsitech | May 18, 2020
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